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At last, a comprehensive plan to help you play better golf!
Get relief!
Try Neuromuscular business for 20 years in Houston, John Rodriguez and his Associates can help you recover from muscle tightness related to golf elbow, tight shoulders and low back aches. With over 3,000 people in our database, our clients have included many of the Houston Oilers, and members of the Santa Monica Track Club, including Olympic Athlete of the Century Carl Lewis. John has performed therapy at the Track & Field World Championships (Germany in 1993 & Sweden in 1995), the Goodwill Games (St. Petersburg, Russia in 1994), the Olympic Games (Atlanta in 1996), and the U. S. Olympic Trials (Sacramento in 2000).
And of course, over the years we've helped lots of golfers, too!

Inside Loop 610 near Memorial Park golf course!
Call (713) 861-2411 
Get in shape (and more flexible)!
Ellen Rodriguez is a Certified Personal Trainer who can help you get stronger and more flexible to improve your golf scores! Ellen has raced the Marathon distance eight times (including four ultra-marathons), is certified in strength training, mat pilates, and  golf specific training. Ellen an aspiring amateur golfer.
It's your choice: (a) either private sessions at an office inside the loop, or (b) at the River Oaks gym!
Call (713) 410-7072  
Get lessons!
Danny Crowley, teaching professional, is certified by the PGA and has taught in the Houston area for over twenty years. Danny is comfortable teaching both the brand new player and those with years of experience...Now conveniently located at Memorial Park. Book your lesson today!
Call (281) 435-1325 
Get friendly equipment and accessories!
Visit Strictly Golf...Jim Rodevich has been in the golf retail (and resale) business for over 20 years. A veteran player, he can help you with both new and used equipment! Looking for a lost club to fill in your set, or a used specialty club at a competitive price? Over 200 putters in stock! Also, shoes and bags... Jim has the equipment answers for you!
Call (713) 623-4282      
Strictly Golf store location: 2622 W. Alabama 77098 (just west of Kirby)


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